Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our new BFF: Lenny the Lion

A few months ago our family discovered Lenny the Lion.

He was introduced through a carb counting app produced by Medronic. If you haven’t checked it out, you should run over and take a look. It is a FREE app and has all sorts of games that teach carb counting. My 7 year old, 9 year old and 13 year old all found something of value within the game. I even had M dabbling with it…the more he knows the better, right?

Anyhow…last week I got an email from the powers behind the Lenny the Lion App. Our family had been randomly chosen to win a two foot tall Stuffed Lenny the Lion Doll!


I’m not sure what I was expecting…but I wasn’t expecting the awesomeness that we received!

This lion had a HUGE impact on L. He couldn’t get over how cool it was. He couldn’t get over the fact that you could actually put a site in your leg! He was seriously gobsmacked. After giving Lenny the once over…L realized that Lenny had diabetes too. So he did the logical thing…he immediately started CPR. “How long has he been without his pump?” L wondered. He said Lenny needed a new site…stat!

The site was put on minutes after taking Lenny out of the box…and luckily we had an expired pump and an old Spibelt to hold the pump in place. (L is nothing, if he is not thorough.)

Lenny has gone with us everywhere. L is so proud of him. B has announced that he plans on doing Lenny’s next site change. This is huge! B has never showed any interest in applying a site. If he practices a couple times on Lenny…who knows? Maybe it will give him the confidence to try it on himself?

This gift has been brilliant. Kudos to Medronic for getting the stuffed Lenny the Lion right! I half expected something like a grabber machine prize from Chuck E. Cheese, so needless to say…I was pleasantly surprised!

Thank you Medronic! Your kind gift has given Our Diabetic Life a much needed “Moral Booster!”


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