Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Diabetic Life in drawings

A typical day.

I wake up in a cold sweat at 5:10am realizing I slept through my alarm...

I go to their rooms to check to see if they are breathing.  They always look like they're dead, and they're breathing so shallowy I can't see their chests rise and of course I have to poke them.
Then I roll them out of bed and make them breakfast.  And like the old adage says: if you make a child with diabetes breakfast...they want to know how many carbs to go with it.

Then I send them to school.

Then I do the same things regular people do...but one handed, or with one eye always on my phone.  The phone can't leave my sight.  Ever.

But the phone call from school always comes at the worst time.
And then I have to dust off my crystal ball because the phone call usually goes like this:  "I ate most of my sandwich, half my chips, four bites of my apple and a cookie Tommy gave me..."

Also, when I drive around doing errands, I'm so emotionally spent I sob like a baby to songs that were never ever remotely meant to be emotional or sad...

So far the kids have made it home alive every day.  But someone is always low.

Or high.

Then I make dinner and before I can fill up my plate, they have already filled their plates and eaten their food.  I have no idea how big their portions were, but inevitably I'm asked:

When they finally go to bed I check all their sugars and decide if they can make it the rest of the night without checking them again.  Usually the answer is no.  But I do a lot of math and negotiating with myself before I come to that conclusion.

Then I set my alarm and pray that my alarm fatigue won't act up that night.  It's already midnight, the alarm is set for 2am.

Then I go to sleep and dream of numbers.  And then wake up to my alarm, in a cold sweat...wondering if I snoozed it a hundred times, and in essence...slept through it again.


(PS  Drawing is hard.  I pretty much gave up on trying after picture number 2.)


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