Monday, July 7, 2014

FFL Joyfulness.

Turns out, happiness makes you young.

Attending the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference in Orlando last week brought heightened emotions, and as a result:

I laughed louder

I hugged harder

I smiled wider

I danced longer

I loved brighter

I held hands tighter

I bonded strongly

I savored the small moments

And appreciated every bite

It's easy to do such things when you're around wonderful people

Leaving behind all the “stuff” at home and simply being able to enjoy each moment is a gift that can’t be quantified.

I was surrounded by a community that has only embraced and supported me on my journey.  They accept my flawed self, and shower me with love unconditionally.

We are a family.  All family has diversity, and different personalities. We are all weird in our own way, but our experiences bind us.  Those experiences bring out our authentic selves…and when that happens?  Life is good.  

#FFL2014 is one for the record books.  My bracelet may be faded, but my resolve to keep embracing this community is not.  

To those that made this week so joyful:  Thank you.

And if you missed out?  There is a smaller FFL Focusing on technology in Anaheim, California in October.  Maybe I'll be there.  We'll let the fates decide that one!


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