Monday, October 13, 2014

Blogjacked, by B.

Yep. It happened again. That kid. That “B” kid. You got it right. Mom’s been Blogjacked. Well, first things first.  I have to write that “Introduction” deal. Well, here goes.

            Today I am going to talk about random things in a random order. First of all, When I go to San Francisco this week, Dr. G is NOT going to be happy. “Have your blood sugars been high?” Well, I have an answer. “There was this thing about cake with a million carbs, and… etc, etc.” But enough about that.

            Well, schools been fine. Except for the mountains of homework. And math. And English. And history. Actually, let me redo that sentence. School has been going boring. “B, I want you to write a 70 page essay on the triangle.” Ok, it might have not gone like that, but it was similar. All in all, school is boring and all right at the exact same time.

            Well, I’m just going to give it to you straight, I’m a nerd. Not one of those smart nerds, but an Internet nerd. Some people just be all like, “Why you ackin’ so cra cra?” (Haha, random. Told you.) But you shouldn’t be rude about it. Some can relate. Some may think this is an extremely pointless paragraph. But I don’t care about those rude people. Most people I know aren’t like that. >Most<. Enough about that.

            Well, I know it was pretty short, and I’m sorry, but don’t judge. The end, I guess.



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