Friday, September 17, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!

I feel like Julie Andrews with a dash of Oprah thrown in! I am pleased as punch to welcome you to the epic Our Diabetic Life/Sugar Bolus/A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY!

I have two prize packages up for grabs. Each of them including something special from three of my favorite things ever!

Let’s start with curtain number one!


We have been using Contigo mugs for years. They are amazing for a variety of reasons, not the least of these being they do not spill! Not one drop! They are good looking, durable, spill proof, ingeniously designed and they are BPA free. We use them on the boys’ desks at school, at soccer games, in the car, at church, and around the house. Seriously, these cups SAVED my carpets back in the old days when we drank A LOT of RED sugar free cool aid/crystal light. (That stuff does not come out of carpets. EVER.) Carpet staining catastrophes led me to buy a few of these…and ever since, if you want a drink in your room by the bed, grab a Contigo. In the car? Grab a Contigo. I even sent some to both grandparents house so we wouldn’t have to worry about spills. They make these for adults too. We have a few other varieties that they sell as well. Take a look at their website HERE…you will fall in love instantly!

Two winners will get TWO of these cups. Thank you Contigo for spreading the love to the Type 1 Community!

Behind curtain number 2?


We have used many different belts/hooks/pockets for the boys’ pumps…and by far they favor these. I think the win is in the simplicity. My boys are no fuss kind of guys. They want something simple, comfortable and something that does the job well. They want to run with their pumps on and not have to worry about it flapping in the wind, or falling off. These belts do the job beautifully. L and B both PLAY their soccer games with their pumps on! Only because they can with these belts. The pumps are held close to their bodies and it doesn’t even bother them. The material is stretchy so they can also throw some fast acting sugar in the pouch if they want to. My Junior High guy just puts his pump in his pocket, but we quickly found out this wasn’t an option during PE. (No pockets in the PE shorts.) He uses the black Spibelt with the blue zipper now and is EXTREMELY happy with it because it is held so close to his body, no one notices…and he can run freely…huge plus!

As part of the prize package, our two winners will get to pick out any Spibelt they want HERE. Check it out, buy one…because they are uber affordable…and then try to win another one here. My younger boys have a couple each to switch back and forth from! (You can also use them to keep your cell phone, keys and ipod in...they are great for your workouts!)

Thank you Spibelt for sprinkling kindness towards the readers of Our Diabetic Life!!

And curtain number 3 dear friends?

A gift certificate from Medic Alert to enroll your child in the KID SMART program! This will register your child for one year with the company as well as pay for a Medic Alert bracelet. There are several to choose from within the program, below you can find a few examples of what they offer. The cost is very affordable, and the peace of mind is priceless!

We have used Medic Alert for the past 12 years. It feels good to know our children's medical records are immediately available to emergency responders to help with their treatment decisions. Their 24-hour emergency identification services help identify children who are involved in emergencies or lost. With a phone call, a doctor can know all the important information if I am not there. Emergency responders can find out the boys’ Endo phone number, the insulin we are currently using, the boys ratios, and find out what allergies my children have. You can change the information online, it is easy to do…and it gives peace of mind especially now that we are not at the boys sides 24/7. You can read more about the Program HERE.

Come on…AWESOME, right? Thank you Medic Alert for your life saving gift to my blog reading Peeps!

To enter the contest and win one of the two prize packages:

● Leave me a comment before midnight on Thursday, September 23, 2010. Please include your first name. Comments left without a name will be eliminated.

● To earn extra entries (post a separate comment for each):
* Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter. Then, leave me an additional comment
containing a link to your tweet.
* Share a link to this contest on Facebook. Then, leave me an additional
comment to let me know.
* Blog about this contest. Then, leave me an additional comment containing
a link to your blog.

● No duplicate comments are allowed. Duplicate comments will be eliminated.

● Winners will be selected via random draw at

● Winners' names will be posted here on this blog on Friday, September 24, 2010.

● After winners' names are posted, winners will have 48 hours to send a message to me at If I do not hear from a winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.

Remember, to enter you must leave me a comment with your first name before midnight on Thursday, September 23rd.

GOOD LUCK! I SO hope you win!


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