Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Lenny Winner! Booya!

It is Saturday and I am being lovingly pampered by my dear husband as I have a couple blisters on the bottom of my feet from Reyna's Sister's Virtual 5K. Nothing virtual about it. It was very real! And very awesome! Ryan has cleaned the kitchen and made me a beautiful tomato/onion/avocado omelet. THAT my friends is what you get when you marry an amazing man. As my nephew would say..."write that down."

But enough about me...who won the LAST Lenny???

I know you are all dying to know. :)

The winner was #4...who just happens to be KANDICE!!!!!

Congratulations Kandice! If you are the Kandice that wrote the fourth comment on my blog yesterday PLEASE contact me within the next 24 hours at

Thank you to all those who came back and continually participated this week! Thank you to all the stalkers...and thank you to my family who made this fun for me too!

Here is to another beautiful blogging year ahead! May it be an amazing year in research and hope for our community!


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