Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Disneyland/Wally World Vacation

So since we just returned from our Disneyland probably thought that this post would be all about the fun fun fun things we did while we were there! Because honestly, we did a TON of fun stuff!

Sadly, nope. This post won't be about those things.

Now, you are probably thinking I'm going to write about how all the boys got Scarlet Fever days before we left on our trip.

Nope. Not writing about that either.

Or you might be thinkin' I have an entire post lined up about how L broke out into a Scarlet Fever rash THREE TIMES as worse than the others, hours before our departure...

Or maybe your hoping for the play by play of the previous hour, before his rash broke out, when L had his first swimming lesson with his NOT waterproof pump attached...

Or how we had to have a new pump sent to our hotel in Disneyland...

No...uh uh...I'm not writing about that.

I'm not even going to go into how we got the special assistance pass because I brought L with me to get it, and since he looked like he had leprosy...they started writing it out before I even explained why we needed it...

There is a chance you might think I'm going to write about the epic head cold I acquired on day two of our trip...but I'm not going there either.

Maybe you're wondering if I'm going to write about all three boys jumping into the pool...with every one of them still wearing said un-waterproof pumps...

or about the fact that THAT led to yet ANOTHER pump being UPSed to Disney for us.

I'm not going to write about that...sorry.

I'm not going to write about how spending some quality one on one time with my boys, made me realize how much they have changed recently...or that it knocked me square in the head that now I have two teenagers and a nine year old that wishes in every way that he was a teenager too.

Nope. It isn't in me.

You are probably dying to know on our way home, how we made it over 300 miles with our car only allowing us to use 4th gear...

I can't explain that. My head hurts too much.

I'm not even going to explain how we know that car sickness and a low feel exactly the same to L...

Ain't happenin.

In fact, I'm not sure I have ANYTHING left in me to blog this blog.

But I've got to give you I will leave you with this image...

That arrow is pointing to the exact spot where our transmission finally gave out on our way home.

Right smack in the middle of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

The police were called. They sent a giant tow truck out to save us...unfortunately, this truck couldn't hold all seven of us, so the driver decided to PUSH us across the bridge.

(Insert hysterical crying mom ordering her 16 year old to pray for our safe crossing here.)

A couple small dents later our car was safely pushed/knocked across the bridge and ANOTHER tow truck and my father were called to save the day.

We made it home in one piece, and even though we have created memories galore...we all seriously need a vacation from our vacation.

We survived details that rivaled any National Lampoon Vacation.

Thankfully, just thinking about it now brings a small smile to my face.

Yes, physically we survived...and made it all in one piece...but the condition of my swelly brain is still to be determined. In fact, I'm pretty sure both my swelly brain and my stomach (from all the food I ate,) are suffering from post traumatic stress.

But we are home! All of us physically in our house...and me, mentally here blogging...

And man...lemme tell never felt so good to be home!


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