Thursday, September 8, 2011


Earlier this week my status on facebook read: L just called. "I'm 69. I know mom, shockerprising!" That is his new word this month...and I LOOOOOOVE it!

Two days later I was schooled by my boys, telling me it isn't "shockerprising" it is "shockAprising!"

I totally feel like one of those old people who is trying to be hip, who say things wrong. Like when my mom said "off the hanger," instead of "off the hook."

Regardless, shockaprising has been the best thing since sliced bread around here. (HELLO! OLDNESS! Who says that saying anymore???)

Instead of L silently checking his sugar, and picking out his own appropriate snack before I can confer...he will now announce every low as he is testing, with "Shockaprising!"

It is such a relief for me to be able to step in to see HOW low he is, and in turn help him pick the best possible snack for the situation.

The only ramification of all of this, is that "shockaprising" stays in my head like a catchy song, ALL. DAY. LONG.

It is my first reaction to my head anyway.

I'm not sure why it is, but it is just fun to say. You have to say it with gusto when you do. your shocked...almost like you are fake shocked. (Gusto...what am I, 80?)

Luckily I have a son that is willing to play along with his mom. He agreed to a reenactment. Please find it below...

Funniest part: When I asked him to reenact for me, he really WAS low!



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