Saturday, November 5, 2011

A safe haven for my imaginary friends.

My boys often make fun of my "imaginary friends." These friends live in the computer and my boys think it is hilarious that I talk about them like they are my next door neighbors.

Have you ever seen "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?" It is a cartoon home where imaginary friends go when the child who imagined them doesn't play with them anymore. They all stay in this foster home and hope that someone will adopt them/become their friend.

I think our blogs and Facebook may be a "foster home for D mama friends."

We need a place where we can be taken care of by people who understand our crazy. So we band together and form groups, and friendships on our computer that are just as real as our beating hearts.

We are fed by "sameness" and lifted up by comments that say, "I so get it!" And, "You are rocking it!" And, "I'm so sorry, hope things start looking up!" It is a safe haven, and when we get an opportunity to hug one of those "imaginary friends" in real life? Well, is there anything better?

Today I got to meet up with Leigh of the Evan's Kiddos, and her sweet family. It was a wonderful feeling to know that the person I met on the computer is exactly how she is in real life. It is hard to hide your heart when you blog. You can't fake it when you are pouring your heart out, 'cause people will figure you out whether you want them to or not. In fact all of you have probably figured out I'm halfway to Crazyville by now.

But that is ok. I am who I am. And you are who you are, and I love you for it! We are all different sizes and have different quirks, and different perspectives...but we all have one goal...

We all seek for acceptance of our diabetic lives. We want our children to be happy in their circumstance, and we all hope for a better day, a better way for them.

My children may joke that you are all imaginary...but I know you are real. I know you go through your day doing the best you can, and I'm thankful that you take a minute out of your busy lives to see what I am up to. Your friendship is such a gift!

Our blogs, Facebook and other communities are our foster homes. We take each other in and we nurture each other there. I am so so thankful for that!

(This completes Day 5 of National Health Blog Posting Month in honor of Diabetes Awareness month! Phew! It's 9:00pm my time, that was a close one!)


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