Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to this blog; YOUR blog, MY blog, OUR blog

Welcome. Yes, I think I'd like to take a moment to say welcome! I'm excited that you're here. :) Don't be scared... I won't bite! :)  I promise you that I'm not THAT angry, most of the time.  ;)

You may know me, not know me, love me, or hate me... Agree with me, or vehemently disagree with me; or run for the dictionary when you can't understand me... But three things you will NOT be while in my blog are a.) bored, b.) uneducated, and c.) indifferent.  

I've sort of been avoiding having a blog, for the longest time, and I can't say I really know why... though some of it might be because I have a lot of passionate things to say (sometimes, outright angry things to say), and I fear people will not understand them, or gang up against them! (Gee, I hope not! heh)

I've created this space because I really feel I need it; a place to vent about the many issues affecting my living with Type 2 Diabetes, and other health conditions, on my own terms, without a lot of fancy sugar coating, sidestepping, or recrimination. Without fluffy bunnies, or unicorns farting glitter.   

I hope that with this blog, you will truly learn what living with these conditions is all about, and not what the media, or other misinformed persons might tell you (whether they are fellow sufferers or not.) 

I hope that this blog helps you understand that you are NOT alone in your frustrations, your feelings, and your challenges.  

I hope that this blog makes at least, some of you, smile and cackle, and say "My GOD, I thought I was the ONLY one!," or at least... "My GOD, that woman is crazy!"  :) It's OKAY to be a black sheep.

I also hope that you understand what this blog will NOT be.... 
  • A black and white guide to treating Type 2 Diabetes, or any other condition. Illness is a very individualized thing, with MANY variables, and many triggers. Always speak with your doctor, or find an Endocrinologist and/or other specialist.  
  • A place where I tell you how to eat, and what to eat.  It might be a place where I discuss what *I* eat, and how *I* manage my conditions, but what you do with your own dietary life and medical care is up to you, and your medical team. No one answer is the right answer. 
  • A place for you to find your daily, optimistic affirmations. On some days, it might be; on some days, it might not be. This is simply, a place, where a woman faces her daily battles, with REALISM, and does not candy coat living with chronic illness for ANYONE.  
  • A place for political correctness, or Utopian daydreaming. I have found great help in online communities; but I have also found great grief. I don't hide those things, or spin them.  

So, pull up a chair... and join me! Whether it's angry rants, or tearful, joyful gratefulness, I promise not to tell anyone you're still munching on those peeps from last night.  


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