Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet the Family/Contact Me

If you ever want to say hello, or need a listening ear...drop me an email. I'm always around!

Meet the family!

I need to update this page, but I can't bring myself to make Ryan's bio past tense. Someday soon, when I'm ready.

I was born and raised in the same Northern California town that my husband and I raise the boys in today.  I have 5 brothers and sisters, which lends to my fighting nature.  My hubby and I married young, brilliant decision!  We are more in love today than ever...(trust me...I know how lucky I am.)  I've always loved to write.  When I was in 3rd grade I remember my writing assignments being 20 pages long.  When it comes to my feelings, I am always honest to my boys, my husband, and to you.  I have very strong opinions, but I know that everyone else has them I try to always be fair.  My family is everything.  If you are my friend, than you are part of that family too.  Our Diabetic Life is my home away from home.  I come here to release all the emotions I keep stored in my swelly brain.  I come here to find others who "get it."  Thank you for being one of those people!

He asked me to marry him in his bedroom with Boston playing in the background.  I had to say yes, right?  He tells me he loves me everyday.  He thinks I'm beautiful...even on my worst days.  He helps, he loves, he is my best friend.  He also has a paying job or something, but excels most at his really important un-paying jobs of being a husband and a father.

He is a teenager through and through.  He is now contemplating college, and the rest of his life.  He has the hugest heart, the hugest smile and the smallest amount of spite of anyone I know.  He was seriously born this way.  I take no responsibility for his gentle nature.  He plays the saxophone, and is in some serious honors classes at school, all of which I tried to talk him out of.  He rebels by taking them anyway. 

Also a teenager, even though he is new to the fray.  His voice cracks, he has the greatest dimple on his left cheek, and he is too smart for his own good.  He is a ferocious reader.  This guy was diagnosed at 8 months old and hasn't woken up one morning questioning why he has been given this Diabetic Life.  He is now on his own for the most part on the diabetes front.  I check his meter to make sure he tests, but I depend on his A1C and his pump print outs to confirm he is doing what he should.  And he does.  He is my hero.

Was born a 10 pound 4 oz., 24 inch long bundle of happiness.  He loves hard, he cries hard, he plays hard.  When he was diagnosed at 5 years old he had no complaints.  In fact, before he was diagnosed he used to cry that he wanted diabetes too, so he could have a pump.  "They glow in the dark!"  he said.  "Lalalalalala" I said, as I plugged my ears and begged him not to say that anymore.   He is a loud and proud T1 Diabetic.  He is smart, he is fun...he leans in, head first, for hugs...and he generous.  I'm going  to keep him.

L was diagnosed at 2 years old.  He has been a miracle since the day we found out he was coming into this world.  He says the funniest, most interesting things, and is the inventor of the word, "Shockaprising!"  He is my squishy baby and I fear I will treat him as such for the rest of his life.  He has just hit a big growth spurt.  Make it stop.  Please, make it stop!


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