Wednesday, January 4, 2012

mySentry and myDisclosure.

Few things in life bring my heart to a twitter more than technology that will make life easier on the diabetes front.

Today my heart sings.

Medtronic has announced that the FDA has approved the mySentry Remote CGM Monitor.

Coupled with the Medtronic Guardian CGM, this will be my window to the my son's "inside world."

According to Medtronic's fact sheet:

• mySentry consists of a Monitor, an Outpost, and a power supply cord.

– The Monitor is intended to be placed in one room (e.g. parents’ room) where it displays continuous glucose readings and delivers customizable alerts to caregivers.

– The Outpost is plugged into the wall in another room (e.g. child’s room) with the person with diabetes and relays data received from his/her insulin pump to the Monitor.

– The power supply cord is a 5V DC cord that powers the Monitor.

• To indicate whether any action is required, mySentry’s icons on the home screen appear as green (no action needed), yellow (warning), or red (action is needed).

mySentry delivers the same audible alerts and alarms available on the Paradigm Revel pump, including:

– Predictive alerts – customizable alerts that warn of oncoming highs or lows up to 30 minutes before they occur, allowing patients to take action to prevent or reduce the severity of a high or low glucose event.

– Rate of change alerts – customizable alerts that notify patients of rapid changes in glucose levels so immediate correction can be taken after taking a confirmatory fingerstick.

– Threshold alerts – customizable alerts that notify the user that glucose has crossed a pre-set low or high target.

– Empty reservoir – notification that the pump reservoir does not contain any insulin.

No delivery – notification if insulin delivery has been interrupted.

Here is a video telling all about it.

Does it not give you perma-grin?

I am bursting at the seams to try this beauty out! Full disclosure: Medtronic will be providing our family with a pump upgrade for L, a CGM Starter Kit and a mySentry and, in exchange, I’ll be doing some guest blogging for them at The LOOP. This blog remains my thoughts and mine alone. I am not required to love it. I will be honest and let you know exactly what I think of it all.

But right now...since I am being totally is taking everything I have not to do a jig on the dining room table. No, it won't be hooked up to all three. One boy at a time. I'll choose the one that has the roughest nights and go from there.

It is an exciting jump for Diabetes kind, and methinks it is just the beginning of a new generation of connectivity from Medtronic and beyond!  This device is available to the public, but not yet covered by insurance companies. You can find out more about it HERE.

Let the adventure begin!


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