Friday, February 21, 2014


There is someone you’re going to pass today that is having a hard time.  They might not know how to cope with the feelings they are having, and as a result the passing might not be kind.

Be gentle.

There is a person that you work with that’s family member is going through cancer treatments.  You don’t know that.  They are quieter than usual.  You want to tease them for being so quiet.

Be gentle.

There is a mother at the grocery store who is going to bump your cart and mumble an apology under her breath, that may not seem sincere…but her mind is her child.  She is overcome with worry.

Be gentle.

There is a person who is going to spout uneducated things about your condition.  You’re going to want to yell and use bad words. You’re going to want to strangle them.  But the truth is, no one has ever told them the truth.

Be gentle.

There is a driver on the road who is going to cut you off, and another one that is going to flip you off.  They are late for work.  If they are late again, they might be fired.  They can hardly pay their bills as it is.

Be gentle.

There is a person on Facebook who is going to say something you disagree with.  They are going to say it in a way that is going to feel personal. 

Be gentle.

There is a family member that is going to bug you today.  They are going to say all the wrong things.  They are going to try to burn bridges.  They are scared too.

Be gentle.

There is a blogger who has lost her husband.  She is angry that she is vulnerable.  She doesn’t know how to feel and wants to hide.  But she can’t.  She must walk around like everything is fine.

When you see her, be gentle.

Every person is fighting something.  Every person has opposition.  Every person has their own way to deal with things.

Not everyone deals with things the way you would.

Not everyone feels the way you feel.

And everyone, for the most part, wishes they could handle it all better.

When you see someone having a hard time, or acting in a way that is unbecoming…

Remember, we are our worst critics.  Generally, they know they are doing it.  Generally, they aren’t happy about it either.

But if they run into someone who is gentle?  Someone who forgives?  Someone who is kind?

It can change everything.

Today, I’m going to try hard to be more gentle.  

And then tomorrow, I'm going to try again.


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