Monday, February 3, 2014

The Spare a Rose Initiative and how you can help.

Maybe I can’t change the world.  But I can change one child’s world.

Maybe I don’t have enough money to make a huge difference.  But I do have enough money to make a huge difference for a child.

Maybe I can’t fly and hold these children that are suffering.  But I can send insulin, and help ebb their suffering a bit.

Maybe I can’t do all I want to do.  But that shouldn’t stop me from doing something.


I can do something.

You can too.

At the Medtronic Advocate Forum I learned that in Haiti and Africa, newly diagnosed children with Type 1 Diabetes have an 80% mortality rate.

90% if they are a girl.

Only 10% of girls are able to get their hands on insulin when diagnosed.  And for those that do, they often have to use a different insulin every month.  Whatever is available.  Sometimes that insulin is only long acting insulin.  Sometimes, it is only fast acting.  Sometimes it is a combo insulin of the two.

Whatever it is, they want it.

These children deserve a chance to live.

And the answer is simple.

 This vial can change everything.  This vial is life.

What if I told you that only 5 dollars would keep one child alive for a full month?  Wouldn’t you have an extra 5 bucks laying around?  Wouldn’t giving that 5 dollars to a child mean more than a Grande Mocha Frappuccino?

Please, consider donating today.  As a diabetes online community, we take two weeks out of the year to spread the love, and to save lives.

Spare a Rose, Save a Child is the brainchild of the DOC.

It is our opportunity to say, “I’m blessed to have insulin in my fridge.  I’m going to keep someone alive today as a token of my gratefulness.”

It’s our opportunity to spread the love on a day that is meant for love, Valentines Day.

To light your fire, I’m going to offer you this:  A Box of Love.

If you share this post, or heck, ANY post about the Spare a Rose campaign or even simply link to the Spare a Rose webpage, leave a message for me in the comments. Tell me whom you shared it with, or how.  You can share on your blog.  You can share on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Instagram, on Facebook…with your next-door neighbor, with your extended family by email…any share…that all it takes to enter you to win my Box of Love. 

Inside my Box of Love is a smattering of prizes, to show you that even a small gesture like sharing, can make all the difference, and reap great rewards.  There is only one box, and only one winner, and everyone can enter only one time. 

And donate.  You can use the widget at the top of this blogpost, or you can go directly to the Spare A Rose website.

And leave a comment, on this post.  Tell me what you did to spread the word.

Here is your opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a child. 

If YOU don’t.  Who will?  Do you think what you can offer is too small?  I think a month of life can never be too small.

We have less than two weeks.  Get the word out. 

And let’s change some lives.


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