Monday, August 30, 2010

Take a second look

The blond boy that you treat as you do…
The one you don’t give a second thought.
He was diagnosed when he was two
You can’t imagine his life’s lot.

His smile is contagious
His laughter full of the sun
He hops and skips and runs and jumps
Yet his world has come undone.

He pokes his fingers 8 times a day
Brown speckles mark each spot.
A needle inserted into his flesh
You would think he’d complain a lot.

But when he does this daunting task
His eyes twinkle with delight.
He knows it’s a grown up thing to do
He only wants to do what’s right.

A two inch needle we insert
Into his little hip.
We do this a few times a week
To attach his insulin drip.

Most children at that needles sight
Would cry and gnash their teeth
But not our boy, he’ll just close his eyes
And hold in all the grief.

He wears a pump around his waist
It’s there for all to see
He doesn’t notice it in his hast
No complaints from him, just glee.

He wants to make his family laugh
He knows the burden that they bear
He’s never thought to think of himself
And the work it takes for his care.

The lows come quickly and his body fails
He falls to the ground with no life
His eyes half mast he asks for food
Sorry to give his mother strife.

And then the highs make his stomach hurt
His heart starts beating fast
He has to pee and can’t think straight
He scrambles for his water glass.

But when the high is over
He snuggles at his family’s side.
He says he’s feeling better now
His sadness he tries to hide.

He has lived lifetimes of pain
And he is only six years old
But you would never know this to be true
His happiness is so bold.

Through all this, he’s a pillar of strength
A rainbow of hope for all to see
He is the sun on a stormy day
So here begins my plea…

You do not know what this boy bears
You do not know his strength.
You do not know he prays every night
For he and his brothers to be safe.

So when you see him, take another look
And marvel at his grace.
For he is a person to give your awe
There is more than a smiley face.

Put your hand around his shoulder
Tell him that you are proud of who he is
Look past his imperfections
He is an amazing kid.

He is more than diabetes
He is more than all the pain
He is more than a blood sugar number
He is the sun through the piercing rain.

L, Making his brothers laugh.


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