Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worry Feet

My feet hurt.

When I wake up in the morning I can barely walk. My feet scream as soon as they hit the floor.

I’m pretty sure it is all the worry I keep there.

It seems this time of year my worry increases tenfold, and honestly, where do you think I should keep all this worry? In my swelly brain? NO WAY! I stuff it down…way way down to my toes.

I’m like a trash compacter when it comes to worry. My body fills with the worry garbage and I push the button and there you go! Feet stuffed with compacted worry! Stuffed so deeply that my feet ache from carrying around the worry garbage that no doubt is the weight of cement blocks.

Or it could be I need to stop wearing flip flops…

But I’m pretty sure it’s the worry.

No kidding, sometimes I am folding laundry during the day and I the thought pops into my head that I have 3 diabetic boys running around school and I have NO IDEA what their blood sugars are. I feel a pang of panic, but before it gets too bad I stuff it down.

Part of my Jedi D Mom training no doubt…

I’ve become a pro at stuffing it down. Seriously, I amaze myself.

I think to myself, “Self, you should be flipping out right now…kudos to you for pretending like everything is A Okay!”

Maybe it’s a conceited thing to do, but acknowledging the fact that I’m keeping calm and not freaking out is part of my coping mechanism. I let the worry flutter, and then I stuff it, and then I pat myself on the back and move on.

It takes practice, but in time, all D Moms and Dads can do it. You are probably doing it right now and don’t even know it! Come on, don’t your feet hurt just a little?

Problem with my trash compactor system is eventually the worry trash gets so full it fills my entire body and hits the brain. The only way to get rid of it then is to cry. Fortunately I can keep the mountains of garbage at bay with my blogging…so the crying is kept to a minimum.

I know my feet will lighten up soon…but right now if feels like someone is opening up my head and throwing worry in there like it’s an In and Out Burger Trash can. I’m stuffing as we speak people.

In the mean time to keep my mind off things, I’m coming up with some movie ideas…trying to get this beauty off the ground…


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