Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Son of a biscuit!

It’s happening again. Things are getting out of hand. Are basals whacked out, or are these random numbers just here to torment me? Numbers are popping up that for the life of me SHOULD. NOT. BE. THERE!

L called with a 370 at snack yesterday. Say huh? He bolused for breakfast. It was the very same breakfast he eats three times a week. It is my go to breakfast when I want good numbers!

J was 62 one hour after dinner last night. What that heck?

B was 220…AFTER basketball practice. That number should not be within miles of him after all that running. By the way, he went in at 147, and he kept his pump on.

And why? Why? Why was L low ALL NIGHT LONG? It makes NO sense. He doesn’t go low at night! I have not changed basals! He has not been sick! WHHHHHHHY?

Go away arbitrary-insane-where-the-flip-did-you-come-from numbers!

You know things are bad when you have to Google, “nice swear words.”

I'm not a rookie, I know that we are to expect random numbers that don't make sense...but for me, when it rains it pours. They all have to whack out together, on the very same day. Is it the cosmos keeping me on my toes? Is it a top secret pancreas test given to me once a quarter? Am I being punked?

Regardless, it is all hitting the fan people. And there is only one explanation as to why.

Tomorrow is our endo appointment.

'Nuff said.


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