Monday, January 10, 2011

It's my party and I can change my blog if I want to!

Happy Birthday to me!


As a present to myself, I have changed my blog banner. I've grown tired of staring at diabetic suppiles. I would MUCH rather look at the cutie pa tootie faces of my boys!

So there you have it!

Get it? 3D. 3 boys with D. Three boys with diabetes. (I know it is obvious, but humor me folks!)

Wait, you thought that was all?

No no no no. There is more!

I also gave myself my very own URL.

Oh snap!

I am the proud owner of!

Although, you can still get here from my old blogspot address...weary fingers can now cut out the blogspot altogether. (Thanks to Joanne's husband Fred for his help!)

Happy Birthday to me!! AND Happy Birthday to Lorraine over at This is Caleb! We've taken a hard look at ourselves...and we are ok with being older. :) (It's kinda' a January 10th inside joke. ;)

PS Two great giveaways going on right now. One at A Sweet Grace, and one at the We Caralot Blog! Check em out!


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