Tuesday, August 7, 2012

14 years of soaring anyway.

He's 14 years-eight months old, and he has been living with diabetes for 14 years today.

He has been living with it.  And in my own way, I have been living with it.  In his own way, my husband has been living with it.  In everybody's own way, our entire family has been living with it.

Here it is.  A big boring ol' Tuesday.  And today 14 years ago our lives changed in an instant.

Today, there was no parade.  No fancy dinner.  No balloons.  Just a family sitting together on the couch before bedtime taking it all in.

When I brought it up, everyone became very quiet.  There was a solemn respect emanating from all the boys.   They weren't sad, they weren't cheering...they were simply contemplative of it all.

"How does it make you feel J?"

"Special."  Said with the sly smirk only a 14 year old could muster.

We went through a few things that I had saved in J's keepsake box.

The hospital gown they gave to J when he was admitted.  It was the smallest they had and he swam in it. 

J's very first Medic Alert bracelet.  The picture below just doesn't capture how completely small it is.

J's first glucometer.  The rubber bear that gripped it was his teething toy for many months.

And pictures of J on our vacation just a few days before he went into DKA. 

We all hugged each other a little tighter before the boys went off to bed.  We know how lucky we are that J made it through the entire ordeal.  I remember on his first birthday bursting with happiness that we got to celebrate it!  It was a party of epic proportions.  He is so loved.

And 14 years later, he's all ready to get his permit soon.  He is entering High School in just weeks.  And he is every bit as strong and resilient as he was that day so many years ago.   I wish I could convey how proud I am of him...words fail me.

So here's to J.  As well as all my boys, and all of the children, teens and adults that live anyway.  Soar anyway.  Succeed anyway. 

Inspirations.  Every one.

And especially today...this one.  My one. 

Love you J!


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