Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meri to teachers: Just keep them alive

I have a history of the back to school crazies.  The worry usually eats me alive.  My MO has always been:  Cry a lot, panic a lot, and then pretend in public that I don't cry a lot and panic a lot.

This year I have bigger fishes to fry, so for some reason, (I think we all know the reason,) the kids at school are the last thing I'm worried about...

Ok...maybe the next to last thing I'm worried about.

Monday I met with L's new teacher.  He is a teacher we haven't had before, but one I'm looking forward to L having none the less.  On Sunday night I was up late in bed going over in my head what I was going to say to him.

I had grand visions of writing on the white board.  Using object lessons and similes that would make the best professor proud.  In my head it was simple and brilliant.  It was going to be an easy peasy presentation.

The next day I walked into his classroom, sat down and went, "BBLLLLLLLARRRRGGGGGGGG!"  And threw up all the information on the table.  There was no rhyme or reason to the way I presented any of it.  It was like, "BLARG...here's all the information, try to sort through the craziness of it...just keep him alive, ok?"

That is my goal this year.  Keep them alive.  I believe in setting reasonable goals and this one seems the most reasonable to me.

I explained to the new teacher that insulin is a hormone, and imitating a hormone is not an easy thing to do.  I'm aiming for a moving target, I do the best I can...but diabetes has a wicked curve ball, and he likes to use it often.  I told him that I am connected to thousands of families with children with Type 1, and on my blog I try never to give advice.  Because what works for L, doesn't always work for B, and if diabetes varies that much within my own family, just think what it is like around the world.  Sure there are rules of thumb, but all those rules have their own sets of variables and sub lists depending on the person who has diabetes. 

B is having the same teacher he had last year.  SCORE!  When I went in to drop off B's supplies, he wanted a little refresher course.  "We want him in the 100's, right?"

"If we lived in a paradisiacal utopia, yes...always in the 100's."  

I reiterated, lows are treated when under 100.  Anything over 120 needs insulin.  Anything over 300 starts to get uncomfortable.  But if a number is off, it isn't because B didn't do the work.  He does the work, and I do the work.  Diabetes just messes with us sometimes.  No good numbers, no bad numbers...just a road map to get us where we want to be. 

Is it that obvious I am worried about being judged by the boys blood sugar numbers?

Now J is starting High School.  I left a note stating I would like a 504 meeting and they haven't contacted me.  (I totally expected that.)  Luckily J is self sufficient.  The only thing I'm worried about is PE, though I'll fry that fish before it starts to stink.  I made some laminated sheets stating some of J's rights to put into his teacher's boxes today.  Hopefully they will read them and call me if they have any questions.

Now I'm heading to the high school soon with the laminated cards along with a letter explaining his life.  I was afraid they wouldn't read my letter, so I highlighted, "J has Type 1 Diabetes," and "J's father is fighting an intense battle with cancer."  Try highlighting those sentences over and over and over again without crying.  Not cool.

Tomorrow is the big day for the boys.  They are all excited...and I'm excited for them.  I know it will be a crazy year...and not necessarily because of their diabetes.  But we can do it.  We always do!

Here's to keeping everyone alive!



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