Friday, August 3, 2012

Facebook Friday Sandwich

Wherein I smoosh today's goings on between some Facebook postings of late.

Facebook Friday?

Is there such a thing? 

I feel like I live a double life online.  I have my life here on my blog, and I have my life over there on Facebook.  Here there are just small, (very emotional,) snapshots of my life.  Generally written in the wee hours of the now.  On Facebook I'm able to share more about the little things that light up my life.

(And by little things...I mean my boys.)

Take this morning's status for instance:

I ask the boys to check their sugars before breakfast. J: "78! I win!" B: "No! I'm 111, that is closer to 100...I win!" L: "I'm 132! I win, I have the high score!" Could they be any more awesome?

That, my friends, is a true story.  I laughed all morning thinking of L's "high score."

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of experiencing this little gem:

Our change jar was full so the boys are sorting the coins. B found me to excitedly exclaim he found "THE most AWESOME penny!" He said it was from "The year of the PARTY!" What year is that? 1999.

He's 10 and he is referencing Prince.

Parenting. win.

And another one on perspective:

Happiness is: Our 8 year old and 10 year old making a box cake on their own, and the three T1's after dinner/pre-cake blood sugars yeilding 101, 105 and 122. (I'm pretty sure paradise would be those same blood sugar #'s before bed, post-cake. I'm not holding my breath though...)

A friend commented that she thought it was great that paradise still included a life with T1.  That really got my swelly brained wheels turning.  I can't help but feel we do live in our own version of paradise.  My boys are so great.  No.  Really...amazing.  With Ryan being out of commission , they are taking on a tremendous amount of responsibility around the house.  I saw grief on M's face for the first time yesterday when I sent him out on errand number 4 for us.  Honestly, that is the first time I have EVER seen it.  They water the garden, do the yard work and all the heavy lifting with a smile.

Blessed.  I am so blessed.

As crazy as things are, our days go by as normally as they can be.  Today J and M left for Weblos Camp to be councilors.  J's blood sugar 5 minutes before leaving was 62 with 1.6 on board.  My good friend Worry came to stay with me for awhile, and then I made the decision to kick Worry out on his sorry arse.   I know  J will be ok.  If the past is any indicator, he'll rock this weekend for sure.

Now one would think that with JUST two littles around, I would be in hog heaven.  I mean...I should have a handle on all of this "diabetes stuff."  I've cut the ratio down a full 1/3 for crying out loud!

I took these pictures today.  Look at these faces! 

They were both SO excited to sleep in their older brothers' beds tonight. 


 But alas.  My 10pm check yielded two unsightly numbers.  76 and 52.  With IOB no less.

I had to interrupt the boys' blissful sleep to feed them some snacks. 

When I was gently forcing some juice into L, (I can TOTALLY gently force!,) he became alert only for a few seconds to look at me as though he just received an epiphany from the angels..."You know what mom?  I LOVE pudding.  ((Snore))"

"You know what,"  I told him..."I LOVE pudding, too." (Said while he snored.)
The highlight of that moment had to be I wasn't clinging to dear life to the side of his usual sleeping spot:  The top bunk.  It was so nice to just sit next to him and "gently force" him to drink and eat.
The picture below was posted on facebook a couple weeks ago.  Those with T1 children who sleep on the top bunk will appreciate it most:

How lucky am I that my life is bursting with these moments??  Tonight , and every night, I'm thankful for our four boys.  Their honesty and their hilarious sense of humor remind us not to take everything so seriously.  

It isn't easy being a Schuhmacher, but it's so worth it.


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