Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallow…. ;P~~~~~~~~~

If you are new around here you might not know that I am not the biggest fan of Halloween….and not in the typical D Mom because-of-all-the candy kinda way. It runs deeper. It mostly has to do with the constant party’s…the nonstop action and the general overwhelmedness I feel in the month of October as a whole.

This year I have tried to take a more holistic approach to it all. I have tried to make peace with the holiday, and thus far I’d have to say I’m doing a bang up job of it.

Except last night I realized tomorrow was costume day at school, and not surprisingly, I was not ready for costumes. Hello, the Giants were kicking butt in the World Series, we had fun friends over, and then it was the season finale of Project Runway, (which I won’t ruin for anyone, but it was a TOTAL joke.)

So costumes last night were the last thing on my mind. Which is kinda an epic fail because I know that MANY of you have had your costumes ready and pressed for a month already. But I put my ½ best foot forward and I think the boys will have something pretty okay to wear today. I was surprised to see my oldest poke his head out of the bathroom this morning. He was wearing his suit, with his hair slicked back, dark sun glasses and an ear piece.

“I totally forgot you were dressing up! What are you again?”

“Sorry Mom, that information is classified.”

At least someone has fun with Halloween around here.

Halloween night I have no problem with the scores of fun sized candy that litters the house, eat up on Halloween night!! I do, however, have a problem with the leftovers. It is the CONSTANT barrage of “Can I eat this now??” If I let one little boy with diabetes eat a candy…they ALL get one. Seriously, it seems as though the stars must align for all three blood sugars to comply with the request. Said boys do not have the patience for this…so I’m really hip on Heidi’s idea this year to buy off some of the leftover candy with gifts.

“You want this pack of Pokemon cards? It’ll cost you 25 pieces of candy.”

“This 10 dollar itunes giftcard? 100 pieces of candy!”

Problem is…I’m not quite sure my boys will fall for it. They live for this holiday. But a Mama’s gotta try…so I’m off to the store today for trinkets. I’ll be sure to report back on how it goes.

I will let you know that I actually decorated a bit for the holiday which is a big accomplishment for me. I even included the boys, and they are over the moon that our house is actually Halloween Festive.

So I’m taking a deep breath here. I’m going to go to the three parties ahead with a smile on my face and a Christmas song in my heart…(because THAT is a holiday I can get into.) And I’m going to mentally gear up for the three birthdays my boys have coming up this month…two of which are next week.

I hope everyone has a happy safe Halloween. Decide how your family is going to deal with the holiday and run with it. Don’t let anyone guilt you into what you aren’t comfortable with…or guilt you out of what you planned. Embrace what you are ready for today, and know that next year things may look completely different for you.

So the holiday race begins!

On your mark!

Get set!


I forgot to tell you to save your Thousand Grand Bars and Peanut Butter Cups for me. :)



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