Thursday, November 18, 2010

A method to the madness...

Driving to the big city with a couple of D Mama's today I found out something very interesting about myself, and I thought I would share.

It was an epiphany of sorts brought thoughtfully to my attention by an amazing D Mama in her own right.

It all started with us hitting traffic on the freeway. We were a bit concerned we were going to be late for an appointment...but at the same time, we were not enough concerned to ruin the moment. We were three mothers...alone...on the road to the city. We were on a mini four hour vacation and we were happy as all get out. So what if we were late! We were going to enjoy ourselves!

As the traffic snailed along I glanced at the clock and let my friends runs seven minutes fast. (5 minutes by my boys elementary school clock.)

Turns out they both do the same thing. They also set the clocks in their cars ahead.

"What the heck is wrong with us?" I asked. "We already spend our life calculating equations in our head! Why would we purposefully add one more?!"

Why DO we do this to ourselves? We wondered.

Then my amazing D mama friend made it all clear. We are Relief Junkies. We panic at the time...and then we get high off the fact that we are not late at all.

Maybe it is a D Mama thing.

We LOVE the feeling of relief. We LOVE the wave of emotion that wafts over us when we realize everything is just fine.

Only another D Mama could look deep into my soul and pull out that little gem.

Food for thought anyway.


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