Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A super short, super smart, synopsis of blood sugar patterns.

I’ve got it ALL figured out!

B has been high before bed quite a lot lately. So last night I threw down the gauntlet and changed his insulin sensitivity between the hours of 5 and 9pm. When a high number popped up at 7:00pm, I gave him the higher ratio correction and he rocked awesome numbers all night long.

In fact he was 123 at 1:00am. And woke up 109 this morning. Nice.

But here is the deal.

My husband told me that the night before B was 169 at 1am, and he was too lazy to correct him. He woke up 105 that morning. That means he dropped 64 points in 6 hours.

But this morning he only dropped 14.

THEN, the day before the day before…he woke up 203. And that was with a correction at 1:00am when he had a blood sugar reading of 220.

And the day before THAT? He was 172 at 1:00am. He got a correction and woke up 82.

So with all of this information…I can finally announce I have figured it ALL out!

It is so obvious. Why did it take me so long to get this?

People, it’s all dumb luck!


Easy peasy. I totally know you are jealous of my mad deducing skills!

I too, am in awe of my brilliance. You can always count on my innovative thinking from my practical real life experiences to solve even the most complicated of problems!



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