Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing at Heather's House/Blog

Sorry I have been MIA. B is in the throws of another bout with strep...and it isn't pretty. I have an entire blog post in my head about our trip to the doctor and me being one hair away from going ape mom on those pharmacists...time will tell if that beauty will see the light of day. But B is finally feeling better enough to eat breakfast today, so we are moving forward!

I did have time to whip together a guest post for my amazing friend Heather!

Her blog is Sweet to the Soul, and that describes Heather PERFECTLY! I know it is supposed to pay homage to her girls...but you know what? Their Mama deserves the title as much as they do!

So pop by HERE: and see what I have to say about freedom, letting go, and trust.

Hope your numbers are all kinds of wonderful today!


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