Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laughing My Bottom Off, Perhaps Literally, at Diabetes...

It's been about a couple of weeks since I've ranted on anything, and I really apologize for that. The fact is... I've really been exhausted. I've been exhausted, and in a lot of pain. I'd call it chronic pain, but it's only chronic in the sense that other events keep happening, and happening, on top of one another, to not let the affected parts of my body just take some time to heal. It's like this stupid domino effect, of sorts, except, well... every time a stupid domino falls, it hurts, and I feel every bit of my 35 years of age.

Where do I start?

Well, let's see... About two weeks ago, while I was walking to our corner supermarket, I fell hard on some ice. And I mean, I fell REALLY hard. The kind of hard where you sit there, wondering if you broke anything, and unable to get back up after a few minutes. (The driver, passing by at about 20 mph, must have had a really good laugh at my expense.) The fall itself was painful, but then the pain didn't seem that bad after a few hours, and the next day, everything was fine.

Except for day 2, and day 3... which were utter hell. Then I felt 70, instead of 35... and in need of some kind of walker. (With apologies to 70 year-olds, who can probably run laps next to me, right now.) Leave it to me, to fall on some almost non-existent ice, on the mildest Winter we've had in at least 30 years. On the 4th day, I felt distinctly better, though not completely healed... But on the 5th day, I had to work -- and as some of you may know -- I work unloading trucks for a local department store, a few days of the week. Of course, I had to help unload a very atypical, large truck of merchandise, so that on day 6, I was back to feeling like I felt on day 2.

At work, I *also* hurt myself... by smashing my left shin against a flat of merchandise, which is still black and bruised, and throbbing, and overall, my joints just don't seem to be holding up so well. I'm having some pain in my left ankle, which actually began BEFORE I fell, the week before, from the constant stiffness of needing to walk on ice, and slippery sidewalks.

Many baths with Epsom Salt, and stretching exercises later, and I'm still one very achy feeling "old" lady. I also, still have to work tomorrow... It will be my third day in a row, when we usually have some off days in between.

Carpal Tunnel hasn't exactly been playing nice, either, with my poor wrists and elbows (at least on my left arm) not letting me get a good night's rest. I might yet consider some kind of joint support supplement, before this is all over. I mean, I feel like my warranty expired.  Are you tired of the whining yet??? I am. LOL And I have to live with me!

So... reading through one of my dear friends' blogs, I found a great, happy post... to sort of help focus some of my crappy attitude right now. My friend, A Diabetic Ballerina, wrote on adding a touch of "bling" to our diabetic tools. She gave me some inspiration to give it a little of my own twist... I may not be able to change a lot of my circumstances, but I can at least laugh while I'm doing some of the stuff I have to do.

So I've decided... that I can't freak out too much about having off diabetes days, from the pain, or whatever else comes my way... if my meter looks like this:

The supplies really didn't cost me that much: 49¢ for the googly eyes, and about a total of $4 for the gemstone cheeks, and foam with sticky backing, combined (with plenty of extras to spare, for the future). The foam came in the way of a bag of Valentine's Day hearts, in various colors, with sticky backing, and I just cut out the bottom to make one of them look like lips. 

It was all in all, an achy walk to JoAnne Fabrics, that was more than well worth it. Time to bling up the rest of my back up meters! *mwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!*  


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