Friday, February 24, 2012

Luck, Scientific Genius, or Black Magic Wonder Woman?

An experiment? A Hypothesis? Call it what you may. But last night I tried a little somethin' somethin' out and got some pretty remarkable results.

You be the judge.

My feet drug as I slumped to the boys' rooms at 12:30am. My head was heavy, my limbs were rubbery and my head was filled with uncertainty.

As I checked the boys I spontaneously tried some black magic.

"Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow."



Next boy.

"Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow."



Next boy.

"Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow Pleasedon'tbelow."



Now many of you might think that my muttering was all for not. But I present you with the hard facts:

It worked 33% of the time. 1 out of 3 times. THAT is nothing to sneeze at people!

Those of you thinking I've lost it a bit might want to dispute the many other "scientific/black magic hypotheses" I have made throughout the years.

Like the fact that if the boys have a banana for snack at school...they only have a 30% chance of going low by lunch. No. I don't have the hard numbers to back that one up, but I've got something better. My gut.

One might think it is crazy to hold my breath through the tunnel near Sausalito whilst on the way to the endo's office...making a wish that all the boys A1C's will be better than I think they are.

Well here's a shocker for you. IT WORKS! Every time! Boo YEAH! Of course, I always THINK they'll be in the teens, but that is neither here nor there.

Some of you might think I'm off my rocker that when the phone rings I say a little prayer that it is a telemarketer. Better someone selling me solar panels than a boy calling me from school with a problem blood sugar, I always say.

Prayer works. Telemarketers are coming out of my ears around here!

Luck? I think not!

Why does bolusing 100 carbs, (120 if there is ice cream involved,) at the Chinese all you can eat buffet work ALMOST every single gosh darn time? I don't know. It just does.

The results are practically irrefutable.

I got a million of these folks! Grey shirts on Wednesday, Waffles on goes on and on!

Sure, what works for me might not work for you.

(Ok, what works for me PROBABLY WON'T work for you.)

But as we ALL know...

Your black magic may vary.  It's a scientific fact.


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