Saturday, May 19, 2012

D Blog Week: What Our Diabetic Life is REALLY about

Today, on day 6 of D Blog Week, we are supposed to post some "snapshots" of Our Diabetic Life. 

I was going to just post this one, entitled: Set Change Night...

Or this one entitled:  One Long Night...

Or even this one entitled:  Our Survival Kit...

but then I realized that these pictures don't really embrace what OUR Diabetic Life is all about.

Our life is about love.  Our life is about support.  Our life is about family.

Our life is about friendship, and being there for each other.

So I'm posting this video of L that wraps up Our Diabetic Life in a nutshell.

This one's for you...

For those of you who receive my posts via email, the video won't show up in your inbox.  You'll have to click the link to my blog HERE to see the post.  Thank you!


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