Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ruh Roh.........Hacker Alert

First I would like to apologize to all the people who receive emails automatically from, and the group of readers who check in to OUR Diabetic Life.  This is not the usual witty, well crafted, insightful post that generally comes from this blog.  Grammar? Whose the Hells needs Grammar? This is not even the person who writes the blog, it is her husband, Ryan.

I do have a swelly brain, not the original one but I do have pictures to prove mine.  In this post I will add some things I like……I like to call them “flairs.”  I may throw in one of these !!! Just to add a little spice. I even plan on posting a picture and adding a song.  Now don’t think I’m an amateur at this, I have my own blog! Oh ya, it’s called “Welcome to My World, a husband’s feeble attempt to enter his wife’s world in order to get closer to her.”  Started it a year and a half ago, I belted out 6 posts...believe me they were epic.

Now Meri has asked me in years past why I never comment or guest post or even read her blog.  She talks about other male bloggers and awesome observers like Fred Cunha, Manny Hernandez, and Mike Hoskins.  That’s when my blog idea came about, but I started thinking about all the pressure of having everyone know that I was Meri’s husband and my posts and comments be….. dare I say at times inappropriate or not politically correct. What also came to thought was I didn’t want to ride the coattails of my famous wife.  So conflicted, I thought of Emilio Estevez, he not wanting to ride his dad’s fame, changed his name.  So I came up with this idea of creating an alter ego, someone that wouldn’t be tied to Meri and she would know it was me……..I called him Enrique Ferrell (I was thinking of someone sexy, everyone name Enrique is sexy, and funny, Ferrell, cause I think Will Ferrell KILLS!) I know what you’re thinking………this guy is either making this up or he’s crazy………it’s the latter, this is a true story.  It’s CRAZY love.

OK so on to my list of things I want you, Meri to know, and a few things I want the blogosphere world to know.  I want you to know it tears me up inside that I’m putting you through this.  I also want you to know I thank God it’s me and not you.  I don’t think I could be as strong as you watching your soul mate go through this, you are MY hero!!!  I want you to know that is the most twisted 3 sentences I have ever put together, they contradict each other and almost don’t make sense.  I want you to know that “spoiling” you make me feel like I’m doing something of worth.  You are the most important person in my life and that’s where all my efforts should go.  I want you to know that I don’t “think” you’re beautiful, you light up my life and any room you walk into.  I smile at you after a disagreement because you are so damn cute and it’s not worth a second of our time to be cross with each other.  I want you to know that as years of our marriage continue to grow they only get sweeter.  I can’t believe how blessed we are. I give you all the credit for the boys, they are so awesome. So much better than I was and that’s on you.  Without you I would still be stuck in the bakery, thank you for believing and seeing something in me I could have never comprehended on my own.  We have been married 6941 days and I’ve loved you every single one.  I want to add something that will “B LOW YOUR MIND“ (in the words of Jack Black,) but I tell you everything :P   I want your friends to know I appreciate all of you and the support, prayers, and love we receive from you each day. We feel these physically every day.  I will dedicate hours at Friends for Life just for hugs (I’m a hugger). I had a hard time realizing you all were real people but did get that realization before all chaos came into our life.  I see the support Meri gives and takes and it’s a beautiful thing.  I want you to know my family and I will make every effort to pay forward all the acts of kindness offered to our family.

Meri you are my best friend and I love you with all my heart and I know you feel the same way. I look so forward to a bright future walking hand in hand in love forever and always.

I said I’d post a picture and a video…..I lied. Just a video if I can get it on :) I think this song was written for Meri and I..


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