Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calling all smarty pants! Help. Me.

When J was younger, I mean REALLY younger, we gave him fruit snacks when he was low.

We could even feed that kid in his sleep. Chomp Chomp Chomp...his eyes wouldn't even flutter open when I would stick one in his cheek.

Rookie mistake.

10 years and hundreds of dollars in dental work later...we needed something new.

That is when we switched to Yogos. The yogurt covering kept them from sticking to the boys teeth. They had a sugar to bring the blood sugars up, and a bit of fat to keep them there.

Also, they did not melt in my purse.

Win Win

But for the past month I haven't been able to find them on shelves anywhere. Not at Target, not at any grocery store. I just checked the Kellogg's site...and they have been discontinued.

Not cool!

Now I need to find a replacement. And the task is proving harder than I anticipated!

My boys don't like chalky smarties are out. They loath glucose tabs.

Starbursts and skittles stick to their teeth.

What can I keep in my purse that won't break the bank??? (Or their teeth.) I know there are little juice shots...but they are really expensive.

Help me o wise readers! We leave for Disney soon and I need something to keep in my purse. I have apple juice and capri suns with 25% less sugar, (16carbs.) But that is just fast acting. I need something with staying power.

And I tried those kids Z Bars. They don't like them either.

Heaven help me.

Readers help me!

SOMEBODY! Help me!

If I sound desperate, I'm sorry. It is only because I am. (Insert awkward smile of pure desperatness here.) There is something out there and I know I am missing it.

Huh, I just thought of dry cereal. But that would crumble in my purse.

Can I make this any harder? Maybe I need to invent something, like tubes of pudding. Or reinvent it, because it looks like Hunts Snack Pack used to make them...and now they don't. :( Easy to fit in the purse...sugar plus fat...

I have a little tear just thinking about it.


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