Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten things I can't say to the other mothers. D Blog Week, Day 4

(Blogger ate this post, so I am reposting it. I'm sorry your comments were lost, but I read every one and I want to thank you for you sweet words of encouragement!)

So if you haven't noticed, I'm different.

I have three boys who have Type 1 Diabetes.

Sometimes I don't feel like I have a lot in common with the other moms. Sometimes when I pick up the boys, I just wish I could bust out with a little diabetes lingoed epiphany and get an AMEN from the peanut gallery.

Sure, most of the time I can fake my normalcy and talk freely with the mothers in the hallway...but sadly, sometimes I'm just in another world with my thoughts.

On this note, I would like to present to you...

Ten things I can't say to the other mothers at school:

Don't you hate it when your son is high and you have to give him more more than his usual amount, just to get him down again? Or when he is low and you have to do a full on drive by carbing?

Don't you hate it when you shove your hand down in your purse to find some change and you shunk your finger with a lancet that's top has popped off?

Don't you hate it when you drop your son off at school and the minute you get home there is a phone call that their pump battery is now dead?

Don't you hate it when you step on Legos, or Hot Wheels, or 19 test strips that fell onto the floor when you are doing a 1:00am check?

Don't you hate it when your child goes on a field trip and you need to load up his pockets like he is a mule going on a desert sabbatical?

Don't you hate it when your sons pillow is covered in little red dots and they don't come out? Don't you hate it when your son asks to draw dot to dot to see if there is a picture hidden in it? Sure you flip it over so it doesn't show...but then there is another nighttime check coming in a few hours anyway, right?

Don't you hate that there are parties like every other day at school with donuts, ice cream and cupcakes...all to be washed down with full sugar-strength lemonade?

Don't you hate it when your pharmacist looks at you like you have three heads when you ask for BLOOD ketone strips? I swear it's like they don't understand a word you say, like your speaking Vulcan or something! (And don't you hate that as you type the word KETONE, it isn't recognized as a viable word by your spell-check?)

Don't you hate it that as far as the media is concerned, it is still 1962 when it comes to the misconceptions about diabetes? Every time I turn on the TV it's like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld continually yelling, "NO SUGAR FOR YOU!"

Don't you hate it when three of your children, who's very existence keep your heart beating, are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?



I can't say that one to many people.


I just can't think of a funny number ten.

Sometimes...Diabetes can just suck it.

(This is my submission for Diabetes Blog Weeks, who's prompt was to list 10 things you hate about diabetes. You can click the embeded link and find the list the other blogs that are participating.)


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