Sunday, May 15, 2011

To the DOC. D Blog Week, day 7

The last prompt for Diabetes Blog Week is to write out what I learned this week.

Easy Peesy!

When you are in need of friends
and starting to feel down,
just open up your browser
and find the greatest peeps around.

When you've had a little victory
and want all the world to know,
just click "new post" in Blogger
and let those happy feelings show.

When you have a burning question
and just don't really understand,
Shout it out on Twitter
and watch the tweeps give you a hand.

When your greatest wish is to know
what your children feel inside,
just read the type 1 bloggers...
they have nothing there to hide.

When you feel alone
and would like a friend there by your side...

when you need community
to help release the feelings you tend to hide...

When you need a nod
or someone to cheer for you,
When you need to feel the same
and have someone appreciate your view...

Look to this group of people
that will graft into your family tree.
They are fun, and smart and friendly...

They are the DOC.


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